Saturday, February 6, 2010


Below are a list of pairing of particular words:
  1. Giant dwarf
  2. Stinking perfume
  3. Secret publicity
  4. Inexorable humanitarian
  5. Virgin mother
  6. Affluent beggar
  7. Smooth wrinkles
  8. Dry mud
  9. Unrestrained prisoner
  10. Hyperactive sluggard
You should have grasped the significance of the above words by now. Now, take a few seconds and come up with just one more pair of words that would be suitable to be inserted into the list above.

And your few seconds is up! Thought of it? No? Come on, you don't have to go squeezing the juice out of your brain to get just one more pair. You could have easily thought of stupid/ugly/lazy/dishonest/dumb Weldon.

(There you go laughing, or at least giggling to yourself. Don't lie, I know you are.)

P.S. Looks familiar to you, huh Windjammer? =)

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