Friday, February 26, 2010


If you're wondering what took me so long; it was the CNY break! I deserve a break too right? I mean, that's an absolutely reasonable reason. No, I'm sure it's not because I got lazy and had no mood to blog. That just can't be the real reason.

Anyways, here's some feedback that you guys who've viewed my blog have in common:

1. Certain parts of the background(template) is too bright to be able to read the words.
Well, I agree with you all about this. But it takes a lot of trouble to find another template and reconfiguring the whole HTML of the current blog. My suggestion is that you just scroll down to the darker places where you can read them. Or, if even that is such a hassle, highlight the words that can't be seen. You should be able to see them now.

2. Too many words!
I understand your predicament, if this is one anyway. And I understand that you actually read a blog, and can't hear me speaking. But I guess blogging as if I'm speaking to you face to face is my preference. Writing for an article is not really my thing. Maybe I need to get Josh to better myself in that area. =) So all that is required of you is to imagine that I'm actually speaking to you, that you are in fact hearing audible sounds of me talking to you, with complete intonation and diction, even while you're reading my respective posts. Once you're able to do that, you wouldn't think there are too many words; you might even doubt if they're enough! Imagination stimulates those dusty old brains, so start doing that.

The rest are compliments, which I accept gratefully, along with your critiques, which are perhaps more constructive and useful. By all means continue offering feedback and comments; they are very much appreciated.

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