Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life's good

  • It's good that I'm disturbed by the jarring construction sounds and noises while I try to get an afternoon nap; it shows my ears are sensitive and working.
  • It's good I'm eating such lousy food in a random restaurant; it shows my taste buds are functioning.
  • It's good the rubbish truck has to pass by my house when I'm home; it shows I can still smell.
  • It's good I feel the scorching heat of the sun while outside; it shows I have legs and am capable of even walking outside.
  • It's good I'm always being nagged and barked at by my parents; it shows they're still alive and well.
  • It's good I have to go through the hassle of combing my very messy hair each morning when I only have 3 minutes before I'm late for work; it shows I still have hair to comb.

Life is good. Thanks God for being so good to me!

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